Google Finance portfolio tracking

If that will not work, you could try WeBull app and add your portfolio’s relevant transactions with dates. It will fetch all related dividend yields for you, as well as reflect on them if you changed your positions’ size or liquidated them. It does have UK stocks and ETFs too. Looks sort of like this (with a nice total at the bottom):



That looks gorgeous. Love a good spreadsheet

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How have you set up to update every minute?

I use WeBull and its good.
I’m also thinking of using Google script to parse Gmail inbox and update spreadsheet.
This way it would be broker agnostic, and can send email to myself with trade details incase broker doesn’t.

At the moment I have something basic working to parse IB emails.

If time permits I’ll start expand it to track portfolio.

File > Spreadsheet Settings > Calculation settings > Update upon change or every minute.

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For Google Sheets fans with UK mutual funds in their portfolio, here’s a way your spreadsheet can grab the recent prices from Yahoo finance. (The work of @simran , @Jim_mcgrain , others and this and got me there, thanks.)


is the formula which grabs the price (currently it is the previous close, not the current price, but that’s fine for me because mutual funds are priced once a day I think. The formula tries a couple of times because Sheets sometimes fails the first time it tries to get the price.)

And cell A7 contains the fund’s ISIN code with .L appended. So eg for Vanguard Lifestrategy 80, A7 would contain GB00B4PQW151.L


I’m happy to get involved from a product perspective. I’ve spent most of my career building solutions for investors :smile:

I can help with coding, but I’m not a proper developer any more!


Thanks very much :+1::+1::+1:

“Once a developer, always a developer”. Cannot remember who said that, probably Marcus Aurelius :thinking:


Build what, in particular? Much of the discussion in this thread has been around a spreadsheet that tracks the performance of your investments. Are you thinking it would be nice if there were an app that did this? And you don’t think that app should be Freetrade?

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Agree with you there. There will be further improvements so might be best to wait and see what they come up with in app first.

I would love to see this in Freetrade.

I see this more as a stop-gap whilst the team focus on the most critical features. Once the roadmap is public, we’ll know which features are lined up next (and those out of scope), but I assume there will be still be a window where we don’t have coverage of all stocks, curated portfolio risk and performance metrics.

Whilst a spreadsheet can definitely do the job, I know I would find a tool useful (and I’m sure others could too). Whether that tool is an improved spreadsheet, a webpage or an app would be open for discussion.


I think you need to multiply the cell with this:


might have a typo as typing this on a phone

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I’m trying to pull the current price from Google Finance and then convert $ to pounds within the same cell.

So in the instance of PEPSI (PEP) it would be:


It’s adding the currency conversion in on top of that. If it’s (“CURRENCY:USDGBP”) then how do I throw that in on top of the first formula? I’m just trying to avoid the need for a new column dedicated to currency conversion.

Have you tried this


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Yes, but got an error. Will work on it again tonight when I get a bit more time. If I need to create a separate column I will. I was just hoping, for the sake of being neat, it could be done in a single column.

Works for me:


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@PigeonStrangler that is an awesome piece of work. I’m going to try and build mine today too. Get back in to work mode ish by diving into a nice spreadsheet :slight_smile:

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If you need any help with the lines of code let me know and copy/paste what I’m using in the various columns. I do enjoy this spreadsheet and find myself checking it each day. Very helpful and I can’t wait to grow it over the coming years.

Can you share your spreadsheet please.