Google Finance portfolio tracking

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“Once a developer, always a developer”. Cannot remember who said that, probably Marcus Aurelius :thinking:


Build what, in particular? Much of the discussion in this thread has been around a spreadsheet that tracks the performance of your investments. Are you thinking it would be nice if there were an app that did this? And you don’t think that app should be Freetrade?

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Agree with you there. There will be further improvements so might be best to wait and see what they come up with in app first.

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I would love to see this in Freetrade.

I see this more as a stop-gap whilst the team focus on the most critical features. Once the roadmap is public, we’ll know which features are lined up next (and those out of scope), but I assume there will be still be a window where we don’t have coverage of all stocks, curated portfolio risk and performance metrics.

Whilst a spreadsheet can definitely do the job, I know I would find a tool useful (and I’m sure others could too). Whether that tool is an improved spreadsheet, a webpage or an app would be open for discussion.


I think you need to multiply the cell with this:


might have a typo as typing this on a phone


I’m trying to pull the current price from Google Finance and then convert $ to pounds within the same cell.

So in the instance of PEPSI (PEP) it would be:


It’s adding the currency conversion in on top of that. If it’s (“CURRENCY:USDGBP”) then how do I throw that in on top of the first formula? I’m just trying to avoid the need for a new column dedicated to currency conversion.


Have you tried this



Yes, but got an error. Will work on it again tonight when I get a bit more time. If I need to create a separate column I will. I was just hoping, for the sake of being neat, it could be done in a single column.


Works for me:



@PigeonStrangler that is an awesome piece of work. I’m going to try and build mine today too. Get back in to work mode ish by diving into a nice spreadsheet :slight_smile:


If you need any help with the lines of code let me know and copy/paste what I’m using in the various columns. I do enjoy this spreadsheet and find myself checking it each day. Very helpful and I can’t wait to grow it over the coming years.

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Can you share your spreadsheet please.


Think I cracked most of it yesterday thanks alot for the offer. Haven’t got the hang of bringing in any divi info though so would be manual for now


I know its been mentioned above but I’d really like to create a portfolio value chart into my Google sheet, anybody successfully managed this?


Hi neovo.
If I get chance later tonight I’ll try and share a pic of mine with the calcs showing


Great stuff, thanks

I just want a chart similar to the one in the FT app

I guess I could manually input at the end of each week but this will get quite annoying but thats only my limited knowledge, this is all I’ve come up with :tired_face:



Hi. Sorry for the delay. I still haven’t had chance to sort this out. I did have problems getting the functions to work but there were web pages that gave you examples on how to set up functions that can auto update a cell when offline. As I haven’t made any transactions lately mine is still in a dormant state but I’m sorry I haven’t been able to explain it on the sheets yet.


Are you trying to show the total value for your portfolio on a weekly basis? Or the value for a specific share on a weekly basis?


Yes total portofilio value over a weekly basis


Thanks for this will give it a go