Google Finance Redesign

I’ve not used Google Finance for years because it was killed and then abandoned. But came across it today when I was served the US version of the website by chance.

You have to go to and then click settings, search settings, and set your location to the US. It still has my old watchlists, and a custom earnings calendar (which was always handy). They should be launching portfolios later this year, I’m really hoping for a solution which will handle multiple currencies - because Yahoo Finance doesn’t.


It looks like they are keeping out their old stock screener. So sad

Two things strike me… I’m in awe that Yahoo still have a product left that’s actually good!! I like Yahoo Finance.

The second thing - no one should ever, ever, ever EVER rely on a Google service that isn’t related to search -

I’ve been bitten by Google killing off services I enjoy before and I’m very cautious now. I’m a paying Google Apps G Suite Google Workspace customer but I’m very apprehensive about letting myself rely on it too much or integrating it too far into my business.

A lot of those are replaced or merged with similar or rebranded products. I’d expect gsuite to end up on their with how they seem to decide what is and isn’t a canceled thing.