Graphs have gone nuts

Anyone seeing issues with the graphs?

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Yeah, the whole bottom left area is all white.

The line seems to be dropping to the bottom of the screen. Could this be fixed asap :wink:

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Looks like they have some issues, oh well I’m sure for a company worth over £250m it’s normal not to be able to draw a graph.

Yeah I have seen a jagged line going downwards to the right across the last few weeks. Very disappointing.

Yeah, this graph appears to be inverted vertically compared to all the ones I can see.

PS I know you actually have a serious question. If I look at SQ, I see the same thing on the 1Y and MAX graphs. Other stocks seem OK to me though, so not sure what’s going on. Weird that it seems to think yesterday’s share price was $75, which it clearly wasn’t according to Google.