Graphs are not accurate

Hi, it’s not the worst problem in the world but the graph is not accurate. In the screenshots you can see that a share that is today higher than a few days ago, yet the graph shows the inverse. It is a bit difficult to get an idea of stock performance over a period of time when looking at the graph.


Strange! Mine looks like this (correct)

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This is a massive issue for me also!

I’m fact apart from what you’ve described above I have also experienced price execution outside the maximum shown by the graph and the day high low range reported on some shares


It worries me also and I’m loosing trust. I use advfn for the price then execute but what are the executing on? The actual price or the price on the contract note?

Always check the price on another platform, the graph isn’t updated in real-time and they smooth the lines so it’s not a very accurate way in showing the price changes. I use atom finance for US shares, it seems to work.

What do you mean by actual price?

Yeah, I know that the graph takes time but if the higher value is shown lower than the lower value, than you have a problem with representation. I would think, if only looking at the most recent graph that Plug had gone down while it is in fact higher.

Regarding price: indeed, you can check latest prices on other platforms but I think that once you decide to buy (and it shows latest price), you should be able to buy at that price. It happened to me that a stock moved 10 cents between buying and getting the confirmation. On 1 stock those 10 pence don’t matter, on 1000 stocks, that makes a difference of £100

Thank you for raising the issue with Plug Power. We’ve looked into this and raised a bug internally, it seems to be caused by a rare case of misalignment between loading the price at the top and updating the chart. We will be working on matching these two up to avoid this happening in the future.

Regarding indicative price and price, you see on a contract note. When you place an order, we give an indicative price based on the current market data we have available to us at the time. When we execute your order we go out to market makers to retrieve quotes. We then select the best price possible to fulfill your order. This means you may find the actual price you need to pay may be different from the price you saw in the app.

Thank you for raising these points. Improving the pricing data displayed in the app is an important item on our list that we are constantly looking at and making improvements to and this will remain a key point in 2021.


Bugs all over at the moment it’s costing me money and trust

The price you pay is always correct, based on the best available price in the market at that time. If you’re buying a volatile share or a share with low volume, then you’re taking a risk that the price will be a lot different to the one you can see on screen.

If you’re going for a share being dealt in high volumes then the price will be there or thereabouts, but it’s best to do your own checks on google before hand.

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Freetrade aren’t able to skim/hide anything. You can see your trades on the LSE. It’s all very transparent.

Apps will always have bugs so use more than one tool to validate data


I never look at Freetrade price when buying on Freetrade, that’s “normal”.

What I just said. I check the price on adfn then make the trade. Are they executing the trade on interbank plus somthing or their price on their app ie what?

It kind of needs to be accurate don’t you think…

They don’t make anything from the trade. It’s a market order executed at the market price unless you’re using limit orders.
The graphs could be more accurate however they’re more relevant for long term investments, not trading.
Price in the app is 15 mins delayed.

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Cardinal sin of UX designer is rounding the corners on the graph. Choosing aesthetics over accuracy is never a good idea.


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