Problem with market graph

The graph depicting the share price for each stock is nearly always incorrect on a daily basis and takes until either AFTER closing hours or even the next day to correct itself. A share can be at $1 one minute, then if it rises to $1.50 in the next minute, the graph line goes DOWN instead of up. For an app with super limited functionality compared to basically every other platform out there, featuring only a very simple graph, surely at the very least this shouldn’t be broken? This means that as soon as I buy a stock, I have to pop to google, yahoo finance and perhaps another app like trading212 to get up-to-date information such as share price, news and edited graph functions. It’s very inconvenient.


Do you mean how the daily chart shows the graph of the day’s activity, while the 7D, 1M… graphs do not show the current day’s activity?

I prefer all graphs to show the activity up to the current moment. I do not like how Freetrade presents graphs for 7D, 1M etc.

I know what you mean look at these two graphs for Tesla, taken at the same time - FT showing up 2+% then 212 showing 14*%. The latter is correct.


T212 are calculating the gain based on the previous close ( 780 in this case ). I believe :freetrade: calculate based on the opening price. Opinions may vary but I think the first approach is clearer.


I didn’t even realise this, but yeah, the day’s gain/loss should be calculated from the previous close.

I think the first is clearer too. Do you think this is something that could be changed ?



Is there any plans to change this, does seem odd to use the opening price instead of previous close when comparing how much of a percentage a stock has changed?

Or maybe explain the rationale if it’s not being changed