How to show intraday price change against last day's closing price


how can I make the intraday price view show the change against the last day’s close price. Comparing it against the opening price is kinda pointless and might actually show the opposite of a gain/loss.


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Do you mean in a spreadsheet or in the app?

Also, welcome to the community!

Thanks Yas,

I mean in the app when looking at the detailed view for a product.

There was a change implemented as part of the Christmas list that focused on graphs… But if you feel like you have a suggestion, maybe it can go into suggestions?

Hmm, looks like all the graphing functionality was only introduced there. Guess there is room for improvement. Is there a suggestions system anywhere or do I just post to “ideas”?

You can drop them a bell in the apps support section

Thanks, will do.

There is a lot of room for improvement as I feel the chart is so basic.

Yeah agree, can’t understand how it was any usable at all before the christmas 2019 changes.