Market open price 🔔

Market close/open price can vary for a number of reasons, including after-hours trading, earnings reports and investor valuations.

We’ve had a few questions about the way we present the market opening price on your Freetrade app.

A recent example:

Why does Freetrade show opening price for the day rather than last night’s close? I can look at a stock that’s down £10 since close and it will say it’s up for the day because after the drop it climbed a little.

We’re now rolling out an improvement to your 1D graph:

Let us know about any other improvements you’d like to see on your charts!

And of course, keep on voting.


Awesome, thank you!


Thanks for the update! This will bring free trade into line with other tools / sites and remove the need to load other apps to check daily price changes… :clap:

Just need prices to 4 decimal places now :grin:


All the stock charts part from the “day” one are 1 day behind so today they show fridays price as a last price which doesn’t paint correct picture of the latest stock movement. I have mentioned it before so might be already in pipeline.

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updated the app, no change in the graph. Or it will be rolled up later? Correct me if i am wrong. thanks

It’s live for me on Android - I’ll be honest, it initially looked more like a bug and the graph didn’t fit

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