The competition is reducing costs. But still charge a lot per trade

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Halifax is a subsidiary of Lloyds bank. Should it be merged with that or are you looking at their share dealing service as a competitor ?

I asked myself the same question.

Since Lloyds Bank has its own share dealing service, apart from Halifax, I thought it would be more appropriate to keep them separated.

Nevertheless, to merge the threads would also make sense because, as you point out, Halifax is part of the Lloyds Group

I suppose it depends if you’re wanting to discuss their share dealing service as a competitor or them as a company stock on freetrade :smiley:

I wonder if they’re all changing fees or if its just Halifax? As i understand Halifax Sharedealing is the root of the share dealing service that all lloyds subsidiaries use

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tl;dr - I’m happy either way

Either way works for me. I don’t really have a preference on this.

Both views can be argued for.

As far as I am aware Halifax is not listed since it’s part of the LLoyds Banking Group. Hence it would make sense to merge the threads.

Nevertheless, it is a competitor. With its own operation.

This can be used to argue for the merger of the threads. On the other hand, the different brands of the group appear to the general public as if the didn’t belong to the same group, which could justify a separation.

I didn’t notice anything from HL, where I have my LISA. As for others I am yet to spot anything on the news. As far as I can remember, and I must say my memory is as good as Dory’s, Halifax is the first incumbent to reduce fees. It is quite possible that other have done the same prior to Halifax but I didn’t notice. In any case I bet that others will eventually do the same. It happened in the US with the Robinhood effect, it will happen in the UK as well - if we were to trust the result of the coin I just flipped in order to reach a scientifically undisputed conclusion that is. And within the year will start hearing about it in continental Europe. It’s inevitable.

Again, I’m happy either way. But I don’t think I have the credentials necessary to merge. If you do, feel free to go ahead. If not let management decide


I was thinking of Lloyds platforms. iWeb share dealing uses the Halifax share dealing platform, Lloyds bank share dealing and BOS share dealing I believe use the same platform as well.

Haven’t looked just wondered if all their prices may change, maybe iWeb was already cheaper ?


Didn’t check