Handling my personal identification number

I live and work in the UK but I’m a non-UK national. During the sign-up process I’m asked to provide my national identification number for EU tax reporting purposes.

I understand that this is a requirement but I don’t feel entirely comfortable sharing this number. I’m probably just overly paranoid, but is there any way that I can be assured that this information is handled appropriately? I was always told that the personal ID number was one particularly important piece of personal information in my home country, and since I’ve never had to share it with any other service I’ve used it feels a little intrusive.

The privacy policy is easy to understand and somewhat reassuring but my main concern is that this ID number somehow gets mishandled or lost and it ends up having privacy implications or getting me into tax trouble in my home country or something.

Aren’t you required to share it with whichever service you use to buy the airlines tickets?

No, that’s the passport number, which is different from the personal ID number, but arguably of similar importance. I completely forgot that was a thing.

Whilst it is not an answer to your question about data storage security, I’m also a non-EEA national and my passport number worked flawlessly if it helps :slight_smile:

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The UK version of this is our National Insurance Number. I guess Freetrade needs to to report possible tax liabilities to HMRC.

I think Jens is referring to the ID specifically. NIN is necessary anyway, but a passport equivalent is, as I understand, just an additional KYC aspect.

Hi Jens, we’re legally required to include national identifiers in our transaction reports to the FCA & the identifier that’s required depends on the nationality of the customer.

We store our customer data in a secure database. This data is communicated whenever necessary to specific third parties (who help us to provide the investment service and to report transactions to the FCA, in order to meet our legal requirements). Whenever we do this we use secure encrypted connections to minimise the risk of data loss.


Thanks. I contacted the issuer of my identification number. They recommended that any sharing of the number with parties that need it for tax reporting purposes be done using secure encrypted means.

I am confident that you are committed to that and so I consider this issue resolved for me. Thanks for taking the time to reassure me!