NI Number Issue Cant Open Account


I have been trying to setup an account with Freetrade but its saying that my NI number has already been used. I originally setup an account a while ago and then was logged out after an update. I haven’t been able to access the account since.

I need to delete the old account and make a new one.

Was the other account under another email address? Have you tried logging in with the same email address as before?

I have a different NI question: is it possible to set up an account without an NI number?
Currently the government has stopped issuing NI numbers to newly settled EU citizens until summer next year.

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Hi there, basically I set up an account in error. then a freind gave me a affiliate link to receive a free share so I attempted to set up a new account. I need the old account deleting.

No, you need one. Also, I am not aware of this being anti-immigration, it’s due to coronavirus and even respective British applicants cannot get one currently.

Yeah I know that wasn’t meant to be my implication.

Thanks for the response


How do you set up an account in error? It sounds like the ‘error’ is that you set up a legit account, before your friend gave you a link to receive a free share a little later on.

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I don’t think deleting an existing account and creating a new one is a valid use of the referral scheme. if it was why would anybody pay for shares? :rofl:




Hello there!

It’s Myrna here from the Freetrade Customer Onboarding team.

Would you mind sending us a message at and we will be happy to assist you with accessing your account :smiley:

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