Has anyone's portfolio recovered since that Donald trump incident in August?

Remember when Donald Trump caused nearly all the stock market to crash and caused panic in August? Just curious if anyone’s portfolio recovered yet. Mine still haven’t. If yours have, please feel free to leave some tips.

It’s mainly my stocks rather than ETFs that have helped me recover. The bulk of my position is in ETFs that are only 0.8% up on the month but Polymetal, Sirius and TRIG have all performed well over the last month. My healthy gains on UK gilts over the last month have however been wiped out (not sure of this a good or bad thing).

Speaking of Trump tweets, have you seen this? Pretty funny in a depressing way… Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

I’m up on all of my ETF’s still yes however I did buy a nice chunk of them in December last year so I got them for a low price. I’ve also used some stocks which have helped massively, NVIDIA I’m up 46% on for example, I took 16% on Vodafone a while back and 12% on Coca Cola.

I’ve also had about £750 in UK Gilts which are up 4% atm.

VWRL is still up nearly 20% YTD, although the past 3 months performance is nearer 4% I think.

Mine never took a massive tumble, mostly because before August I was diversifying (about 20 stocks + a few ETF’s). Also a large part of my portfolio was in established companies that can weather economic uncertainty, f.e. Johnson & Johnson or Kimberly Clark