Hexo Corporation 🚬 🍁 - HEXO

This company, founded in Canada, offers a range of cannabis products to the global market. It specialises in dried cannabis and oils.

Slow burner but worth keeping for when governments truly open up and legalise more cannabis products

And it just bought Redcan to become the number one company for cannabis in Canada. Go Hexo go

Can this get any worse :pensive:

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Yes and it is. All cannabis shares losing at moment. Average on mine is 30% down across board

Another one I’m watching

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Looks like it’s heading into a pit. Can’t understand losses being so consistent

Thank goodness I only have Β£50 worth

So public offering underwritten by two major companies to tune of 140 million. No way these companies would invest if this was a donkey. Money raised is to open up to USA and European markets which are worth billions. Recent acquisition of Redcan will provide proven management. Just bought another couple of hundred quid at low. Give it six months and see

Up 7% today. Could this b start of something?? Taken a battering recently but still has potential imo

Well that’s a grand I won’t see again by looks of things

Absolutely shocking, any chance of these going back up to 10.00 again :sob:

Minus60per cent on its way. :disappointed::disappointed::smiling_face_with_tear:

:sob: Something has to happen soon :weary: crazy to think this share used to be $30, I’m 80% down

It’s a joke. Feel like a mug here. Biggest investment in this and all it’s done is tank downwards

Good news here hopefully :+1:

It’s debt and shares that institutions can buy which are killer. Sales up and better than expected but still a risk . Says man who bought 100Β£ today even with them down 64% ovrrall for me​:thinking::thinking::thinking::smiling_face_with_tear:

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Good luck my friend #ocgn :wink:

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Closed three facilities and loss of 150jobs. Cutting costs to repay debt.

Is this a good thing in this case?