Hidden fees from investment gain/loss

I have made my own spreadsheet to keep track of my growing investments.
I realised that the performance shown by my spreadsheet is worse than what Freetrade shows me in app.

For example, i bought £199.70 of J&J shares, they are now worth £193.56 a reduction of -3.07%
However, Freetrade show my investment gain/loss to be only -2.64%
This is because Freetrade does not include the FX fees it takes in the calculation. This is not representative of the “real investment” loss, and there should at least be an option to include it.


Surely that’s the opposite of hidden? Hidden would be included in your losses without telling you, here they’re separate and on the contract note.

what I mean is; the percentage shown by Freetrade always makes your gains look bigger and your losses look smaller than what they actually are.


I never noticed this before! I would expect profit to be calculated based on total cost.

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so did I, and I expect most people would.

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Okay I’m with you now, it does seem a bit odd to discount it when you compare to UK shares for example.

need :clap: separate :clap: US dollar :clap: accounts

This Fx thing --if you look at older FX post – is such an amateur feature

need :clap: US dollar :clap: accounts

The math functions in the code are wrong it looks like

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