HL Broker Forecasts

For a while now broker forecasts have been unavailable on HL - ‘Due to changes in how we source investment data, Broker Forecasts are not available. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.’

Any idea why?

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Im not sure why this changed however the timing was remarkably similar to when the Neil Woodford issues emerged ( HL were associated with these, as they recommended his fund). May be no way related but the timing was similar.

Id make an (uneducated) it’s data licensing. Since HLs own data arm ;(FundsLibrary) got took over by Broadridge. I’d imagine a stand off over licensing fees is going on.

But - That’s a wild guess :man_shrugging:


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Not a wild guess, I heard the same thing.

Interesting, thanks.

Whilst I would never use this for making an investment decision, it was a useful data point.

They have also removed the “Recent Trades” data from the stock pages as well.
They say they will be replacing it soon - but it has been months now with no change.
The data is still available from the London Stock Exchange website, but it was nice having it on the share screen.