HMSO Consolidation and rights issue


I understand HMSO are consolidating holdings 5:1 with a 24:1 rights issue at 15p to come.

At present my Freetrade account still shows my original, pre-consolidation, holding and the closing price from yesterday.

The app is also offering me the ability to sell (haven’t tried, so it may be rejected anyway)

It is unclear at the moment how many shares I have available to sell, if that is even possible, and at what price (if I even could)

Given the current rise (550%) I clearly don’t want to miss the opportunity to sell my pre-consolidation holding at the current price, but likewise don’t want to hit sell in case it this is not the case.

Hope that makes sense??

Can I please have some clarity on how many shares I own and at what price i can sell… if at all?

Smells like the Corporate Action hasn’t been processed if you’re seeing a 550% rise… ties in nicely with 5:1 consolidation that took effect today… hence the 5x price … but not the change/reduction in your holding… ooops… I’d “assume” your quoted share holding should now be 5x less… but, yeah, trying to sell it would be fun… :grimacing: Looks lik you get a deferred share too? I dunno. I skimmed the RNS. Rights issue in a few days - as you said.

Here is an example of when I worked out the cineworld rights issue. You work out the total number of shares and total value of shares, from the rights issue as shown. You can see how the shares were diluted from 564 to 238.4