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I couldn’t see Hornby on the requests so far.

I know their prices have been down but there has been a lot of recent work going back into the company.

I would be excited about investing in them.

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Hornby, much like Gamesworkshop has a unique customer base. Both were pretty steady during the recession.
Unlike Gamesworkshop, Hornby made a few bad choices but they have new (old) managment back in who are getting Hornby back on track.

Definitely a nice stock to have :slight_smile:

Hornby doesn’t have anywhere near the same degree of protected customer base as GAW. Hornby’s competition may not be household names but it is an increasingly crowded market.

Up 30% today, because obviously, inwardly focused hobbies took off during lockdown. I’m personally hoping for an Onlyfans IPO.


It’s on FT so title is incorrect.

Thanks, Connor.

Yes, while previously not too liquid, we noticed a strong surge in searches and number of trades on the LSE in the last few days, and we took swift action.

If anyone understands the drivers behind this surge, please share with the community.

Remember when you invest, your capital is at risk.

stay at home hobbies being in vogue, and the company shifting from loss to a small profit recently seem to be the main catalysts.

That makes sense. It’s a little bit similar to the Games Workshop then.

Do we think the bull run is over? Have we missed the boat?