How did my stock do after I sold?

I would love to have option to see how sold-off stock is perfoming.
Like an overlay/gray histogram for the same period.

It would help when assessing whether Selling certain stock has adversely or positively affected the portfolio.

No one offers this feature! so this would be a cherry feature in my opinion.

You track what you buy (makes sense) but once bought-sold you may wish to know how that is performing as well, on the same screen as current portfolio with potential % ADD-ON to current portfolio balance. It will get inherently difficult to match what-ifs substituting the later balance withdrawal or puchasing other stock to guess what would have been - albeit a cool feature. its not what im after.

A mere % stock growth/fall chart from Selling price point is all what is i want.

This “Track sold assets” feature could be turned on in the settings screen


Very interesting idea.

My first thought was I don’t track stocks after I sold them, exception being when I run a virtual portfolio alongside the real thing to see the what-ifs.

However, being able to overlay the performance of sold items would be interesting.

I’d like to look at a stock and see when I held the security to easily see what was happening when I had it versus otherwise. Mixing it in with the overall portfolio might make things messy (like you said too many what-ifs) but if it can be achieved I’d love to see it!

Anything that gives me more data points I support.

Why torture yourself?!

Oh look that stock I sold last week is now up 5,000,000% because that’s how much the world hates me!!


Cool Idea! - What if it could be a feature on discover ? So when you click on a stock that you used to own it shows you the value of what couldve been if you still had it?

I agree with @stephen torture - but it would be good just for perspective purposes.

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My feelings entirely. It’d be like Bully’s star prize: here’s what you could’ve won! :smiley:


So you could learn.
Need to Evaluate your sell decisions at those point of time.

You can obviously always look it up separately all the same.

Hey, it’s an optional feature. If that’s torturing you, simply don’t use it. Simples.

My concern is that it will encourage an emotional attachment to the stock, and once emotion kicks in then investment choices become suspect.

I believe a very simple solution would be to implement a dot on the graph which would represent a buy/sell action, something like this (see a little dot on the graph):
image image

For convenience Freetrade could use red/green or white/black to distinguish buys and sells, it would be even more convenient than the example above.

Then it would be great to have a possibility to tap on that “dot” and anywhere else on the graph to see the stock’s performance since you sold it, for instance. Like this:

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Call it a Ghost Portfolio.