How much do you pay for Freetrade Plus?

Given the savings included I’m curious what people currently end up paying for Freetrade Plus (in terms of marginal cost).

Starting with £9.99 Freetrade+ monthly cost deduct:

  • £3 If you have an ISA
  • £3 If you have a SIPP
  • £0-£9.73 Interest on cash (3% up to £4k)

Please pick the best grouping below based on a typical month for you

I spend:

  • £7 - £9.99 (No ISA/SIPP and minimal cash)
  • £4 - £6.99
  • £1 - £3.99
  • -£1 - £0.99 (FT+ is free)
  • -£4 - -£1.01 (FT+ saves me money)
  • -£5.74 - -£4.01 (FT+ saves me money)
  • I don’t have Freetrade+

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As a hypothetical, what would you be willing to spend for FT+ current features (after any direct savings)

I would spend:

  • £9.99+ (I use FT+ regardless of savings)
  • £6.01-£9.98
  • £3.01-£6
  • £0.01-£3
  • £0 (no interest in FT+ features)

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Thanks for all the responses, so based on the (admittedly small and probably skewed) sample FT+ is on average a marginal cost of aprox. £1/month for current users.

(Ignoring things like the opportunity cost of cash and assuming ISA/SIPP would be paid regardless)

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This might not be the right question, though. Especially if asking this question is a prelude to changing things up.

I only have Plus because it works out cheaper for me than paying the ISA because I have spare money to earn interest on. That said, the only plus feature I use is limit orders, and if the pricing structure for Plus changed drastically, I’d drop it and just go back to paying the ISA fee or look at other brokers and reassess if FT is still the best option for me.

Also, I found it hard to answer the actual question because your description of how to calculate the cost neglects the interest or earnings you could get from the cash if put elsewhere.

Not at all, just curious and partly for some info to make decisions around the next funding round.

I also only have FT+ because I have an ISA, SIPP and it saves me money. I use none of the features.

I did consider this, but for quick access cash that’s effectively zero now, maybe £1.50 max which is within the margin for each band anyway.