How much does your current portfolio return in dividends?

I know many of the investors on here are inspired by the likes of Joseph Carlson and Andrei Jikh, myself included. So dividend investing is as popular as any other strategy, with that being said it’d be interesting to see what type of strategy you run, your portfolio amount and what that returns in dividends per year. Will be good for investors to see where they could strive to be one day and roughly guesstimate what they need, I know it inspires me seeing others portfolios and dividend returns. assuming all is back to normal and dividends are no longer cut

Strategy: A diverse portfolio of index’s, growth and dividend stocks

Value: £22,000

Dividends: Roughly £800 per year or £70 per month.


Nice, thats great!

Most of my investments in the past have been on the AIM and thus, no dividends on most of them!
But I’ve just signed up to DividendMax and started researching.

I’d love to hear your tips. Do you reinvest in the companies or just take the cash?

Absolutely everything gets reinvested back into the portfolio, not always the same stock but what I feel is at the best buying opportunity at that time. Compound interest is your friend :+1:t3:


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I was averaging ~£200 per month before this virus stuff. On a portfolio of £50K+

I actually got over £400 in March, which almost equalled my best month so far which was last September when I got £438 in dividends

Some months it’s less than £100, just depends who is paying out that month

My returns will drop quite a bit going forward as I have a lot of UK banks and insurers and most of them have suspended dividends, But I’m hoping the dividends will get reinstated in a few months as things start returning to some semblance of normality

The ultimate aim is to have enough income from Dividends to pay all my regular bills so Working for a living becomes non essential


That Amigo Holdings yield calculation is off the back of a drop from £3 → 20p drop in a year. In no way sustainable.

Yeah, I am aware of that. I only have a small amount invested in them so it does not matter anyway…

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I bought £7k of Shell near the recent bottom which alone will return ~£280 quarterly if the dividend isn’t cut.


Just a quick question, where are you guys getting that screen shot from. Is this a Available on Freetrade or is it via another platform?


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That is Simply Wall Street when you add your portfolio


Thanks MaximoGF :+1:t2:

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Would be great to have this information in free trade as well


Hi there, newbie here; how do i go about finding companies that pay dividends on freetrade?


You have to use other websites for now. I think freetrade wants to include dividend information soon.


This one is very good for dividend data and it shows all the history:


Do be careful though a lot of companies have stopped paying dividends recently due to COVID-19 so double check to make sure the info is up to date.


If you want more comprehensive information covering US and UK stock you could try Dividend Max. You can even set up notifications when dividends are announced.


Thanks all.

Another newbie question. Do you get dividends from ETF’s? I am not as clued up on individual stocks so just wanting to get a nicely balanced start with ETFs that cover many countries and sectors. Are dividends paid out to them as well or just individual stocks?

Thanks for your help!

You can get dividends out of ETFs, just like stocks different ones pay different volumes and frequencies.

I use justetf - to search for the ettf and see what they charge, and what they payout. (just type the etf name into the search bar i.e. vmid then click on the etf and look at the overview page for general details including costs & the dividends page)

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