I have 17p cash left

otherwise I invested all my cash.

What should I put this small change in?

I’m debating Sirius Minerals v Eurasia Mining.

Neither. Just wait until you have more money.


Greatland Gold is better than Eurasia. Sirius is literally going down under, why consider it?


Posts like this are annoying, why would you invest 17p ?

Like the other said just wait till you have more money to invest and be sensible. The return on 17p wouldn’t be worth charging your phone for.


The user may be someone with no money to invest. All his investing may be token amounts by which they hope to learn. Money usually comes with age if you work hard and look to better yourself.

Soon fractional shares will be here @beluga so you will be able to choose any US stock. If money is tight or there isnt spare for investing wait a few more weeks. :grinning:


Assuming the fractional implementation is similar to other brokers you could buy 0.001 of a McDonalds share.

To be clear, I’ve invested thousands, and there was 17p that I couldn’t “place” in my investments.

I could withdraw it, keep it as cash, or take a fun punt and maybe, who knows, it becomes 20p or something.

So, give me your suggestions at 17p or less. :joy:

And don’t take it too seriously!


Eurasia / Greatland Gold…maybe EVRH?

Is Bushveld 17p yet?

They’re all in the price bracket at least!


I do a similar thing with small amounts left I pick 1 cheap stock from my watchlist and buy a tiny amount because I know I will pay more attention to that stock now it’s in y portfolio. Then I can choose later on if I want to invest more. I did this last month with Greatland Gold and Jubilee recently. Two small cap resource companies. Either of those would be my recommendations

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I know nothing of Jubilee but Greatland Gold would be my recommendation also, based on my gains :wink:

Honestly I find more annoying posts like yours. If he wants to invest 17p why shouldn’t he? He might want to do it just for fun, or for learning or for whatever reason… he definitely doesn’t need any permission to invest a tiny amount (or to write a post about it). If you don’t like such posts don’t read them :wink:


I don’t think really this was meant as an “annoying post” as you call it. People are entitled to an opinion are they not and therefore questions such as this will enable likewise conflict!

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I’m all up for people learning and gaining experience. Its 17p come on…FT doesn’t have fractionals (The OP should do research into FTs offering first) yet and unless you’re buying penny stocks you can’t invest that 17p on anything!

Find yourself another 10p dropped on the street somewhere and take a look at Circassia.


Come on, @mrpbennett means well. And you mean well as well. Thank you both.

I invested a few thousand £ (made over 10% on GAW!).

There is a random 17p cash left in my Freetrade account, hence my question. I’d just love to invest it, why not.

I just woke up and I’m going out soon. If I stumble into a 10p, I’ll follow your advice. Maybe even if I don’t. :wink: I saw the Circassia discussion. Well done to those who called it early!


If you have 17p left, I’d keep saving that till you have enough for another share in GAW I’m up 16% on it and it’s stock I plan on holding all the way to my death bed.


If anyone understands the value of money, will sympathise with the OP’s question.

FYI: I have a fiver to spend, so this is relevant. I had a look a Sirius, it’s not a serius holding for me.

UPDATE: Spent £5.82 on Pan African Holdings - divided perfectly and now left with £0.00. Perfect.


I’m in favour of investing every penny deposited into the account but I do not agree with your argument.

Understanding the value of money means also understanding the value of your time.

If it takes an hour to decide how to invest that 17 pence and it yields an optimistic 10% gain then you have effectively paid yourself almost 2 pence for that hour. Minimum wage is currently £8.21 per hour, so do you really think paying yourself 2 pence per hour is worthwhile?

On a more agreeable note, congratulations on achieving 100% investment. That’s something I haven’t managed yet.


In principle, yes I agree with valuing your own time. However some random points you may want to consider to examine your value system and motivations around the pursuit of money:

  1. Have you ever had no money and no one to depend on for finance?

  2. Have you ever been short of change and not decided to purchase the good/service because you were short?

  3. Have you used a compound calculator and put in 0.17p assuming a 6% annual interest with 0.01p invested each month over a 30 year period?

  4. Have you spared a thought for people around the world where there is no minimum wage, possibly slave labour?

  5. Have you thought in the time you wrote your reply to me, you could have invested 17p into something like Jubilee Metals? Platinum and it’s extracts should do well in the presence of an ever expensive gold commodity and car production.

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I think this thread proves that people could argue over anything. :confused: