If you could put £100 into one speculative stock right now

… What would that be? £100 that you wouldn’t cry about if it didn’t work out, but a stock that you believe has unbelievable potential.

It doesn’t have to be on Freetrade, and you can’t pick an ETF.


Edit: Oh - and give a reason why as well… I’ll be able to do some research of my own off the back of it :slight_smile:


I think at the moment Metro Bank.


Just edited my post - can you explain why?

Flutter Entertainment, not everyone’s cup of tea as it is a ‘sin stock’ ie gambling and £100 will only buy one share…

The owners of Betfair and Paddypower will be merging with the company which owns SkyBet to try to create the world’s biggest online betting group.

Added to the fact that licences are slowly being awarded in the US to legalise sports betting and all the established UK betting companies (including Flutter) will be trying to tap into that massive market so it’s going to be really competitive.


I didn’t realise that sports betting wasn’t a thing in the US, very interesting!

I think it’s only currently legal in just 7 states.

Snap(chat), a generation Z bet with improving fundamentals after an app redesign.

Disclosure: Investor in Snap

“How do you do?”

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Burford Capital - they really ain’t got much competition and the case against them has not been proven to be true.

Which case? The market manipulation or the trading secrets for sex?

I still like the company but waiting for these cases to blow over properly before investing again.

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Flutter. M&G when they go public later this month.

@weenie, @Mello what do you both like about them? They’re an asset management company right?

I like Burford Capital’s business model which is focused on litigation finance. As @Mello says, they don’t have a lot of competition.

So they work with law firms and clients around the world, provide legal finance and advice, and are able to (when they win) seize/recover assets.

Their shares dropped massively recently when some US company shorted them, accusing Burford of manipulating numbers. And then, there’s the accusation of the trading secrets for sex for one of their cases.

Both rumours/accusations could end up being nothing but they have caused the shares to drop to rock bottom prices. Personally, I’m still a little cautious so just keeping an eye on them.



Yeah the market manipulation cases that’s on going. The accusations is not really backed up by any real proof. I won’t say they are completely innocent but some of the details about them is exaggerated for others interest. And it was the perfect time to short the stock with Neil Woodford being linked to them.


Ocado joining forces with M&S. I like Ocado because of R&D, especially robotics, but not M&S. Could be a play?


SXX Sirius Minerals. The current risk reward is worth a small punt. They’ve 6 months to sort out financing for a potential huge new industry for the UK.

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IWG. WeWork’s profit-making rival. It will be interesting to see how well they can capitalise on stunted competition in the market and if the proposed spin-off of their US business materialises.

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Greggs, because I think they’ll come out of this recent price drop soon.

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Yeah. I’ve been buying Greggs regularly for the last while and been putting a good bit into it now that the price has dropped so low. Hoping for a fast rise again.


BABA. I think it will be similar to Amazon. It is not too speculative as it may require some years, but still better than investing in SXX hoping a +50% last minute.


Betting £100 on Sirius is having plenty of faith :joy: