Where would you invest £1000?

Wiggle room possible.

Would love to here some options. I appreciate that financial advice can’t be provided online, just looking to here what people think :slight_smile:

If I was a newbie with little financial market knowledge then 800 in VWRL and 200 in VAGP


Popcorn futures.


VWRP! (do your own research)


SMT if I was to choose just one


Ice cubes.

Seriously tho:



Same, though I went for VGOV, but my initial outlay was a paltry £100 :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re considering holding for 5+ years, then Alien Metals or Greatland Gold.

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Take advice from a millionaire: Confederated Slave Holdings, Trans-atlantic Zeppelin, Amalgamated Spats, Congreve’s Inflammable Powders, U.S. Hay, and the up-and-coming Baltimore Opera Hat Company.

But serious: Plug Power, all on that stock. Hyrdogen, Great potential for the future


My advice would be for you to split the money evenly into 10 companies you can see being relevant to not just yourself, but also the entire market in which they operate.

And by doing so… you can create an investment strategy and will have the ability to balance your portfolio (If and when the weighting of the investment instrument becomes too big), minimizing ongoing risk. Sometimes its not just about maximizing gains, but also minimizing your risk and losses.


That’s why I go for trusts, they’re smarter than me and have more time😄


The question is how much £1000 is to the individual and how much risk they want to take with it.

Personally, I would go 50/50 into ETFs and individual stocks selected based on knowledge of companies I am very familiar with, with a moderate-high level of risk.


It really depends if this is a standalone £1000, or it’s part of a longer term investment plan, say £1000 per year.

If you see it as a one-off lump sum investment, I’d probably play it a little riskier as it’s unlikely to amount to a large amount of money for some time if you invest in just ETFs.
25% ETFs, 75% 3-4 stocks

If it’s part of a longer term investment plan where you will be regularly topping up, then I’d probably assign more to ETFs and you can adjust later on as you feel more comfortable.
75% ETFs, 25% 3-4 stocks

All this depends on your risk appetite and your timeframe :+1:

Or did you want specific stock recommendations?



Asking for a friend


Oh, wow! Lots to digest here. I started doing abit of research into the market at the start of January 2021 just to get familiar with the terms used, most of what I read up on was in alien language, but I’ve gradually begun to understand.

To answer some questions:

I’m a university student, so intend to hold for a few years - until I’ve graduated and a while after. I am planning to invest more a little here and then when I can.


Not sure if this is the right way to go about this… but I had a look at the charts and some of these e.g. VAGP have been at the same price since 2017?

Greatland gold

I like this one… considering it possibly. Why would I need to hold for 5+ years?

75% ETFs, 25% 3-4 stocks

Any ETFs in particular?

I would recommend your friend to stop reading Reddit and give himself a chance of not losing almost all of it!

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Haha it was jokes. Never going to cinema after Covid! Netflix > Cinema.

I bought me a ticket to TENET on youtube/google – it was the same as the price of ticket and now I own that movie.

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Also, why not buy say 10 shares in a well known company, like Apple? Would that be wise? Pros/Cons?

Seeing classic movies in the cinema was one of the best experiences ive had. I think cinemas might change a little but they’re not going away :wink:


I’m in a pretty much the same situation as OP but I intend to do £1,000 a year for 4 years.

My intention is after 4 years to take all the money out to pay for a balloon PCP payment of £4,000 and to keep the car.

I’d rather invest than keeping the money in the bank £1000 a year. I can tolerate losing ¼ of it.

I heard ETFs are safer but I don’t know where to start.

Any advise where to start or a good source of info I can read?


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