Incorrect sale value

Hi all,

I sold my position in a stock and when checking the sale value, it seems to be incorrect.

Selling 185315 shares at 0.0019 should have a value of £352.09 but as sreenshot shows, the sale value was only at £344.69.

Where has the difference gone?


I am sure someone with a clearer knowledge will chime in, but it looks like the real price is £0.00186, I have a feeling these contracts can display first four digits and a roundup will become an issue


Thanks @Sabri. Yes, I also think that may be so.
I think having more decimal places shown would be useful.

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Hey @Lucky_Spec :wave:

Could you drop us a message on the in-app chat, we’ll check this out for you! :blush:


Hi @robjackson,

I think it is indeed just a result of rounded up price shown on the contract note.

Any chance that the contract note can have increased decimal places shown?