Value in app less than expected


I’ll preface this with support are looking into this but just wondering if anyone has has seen anything similar?

I bought 153(2 separate buys of 145 and 8) Debenham shares today at 0.0338.(according to the in app certificates)Total £5.1714. This was at the 4pm buy.

The price at close of business today was 0.03396 total. £5.1958.

The app show the share total value for the 153 as £4.59 which is -11.04%

Has anyone seen this?

(Jim) #2

£4.59 / 153 = 3p so I assume the app calculates using prices rounded to the nearest penny ?

(Emma) #3

How are you getting the value to so many decimal points for the closing price?


Possibly but then applying the same logical to the buy the value would be the same no?


I’ve got it from the iOS stocks app

Doing a google search returns 3.4 p

(Emma) #6

Yeah ignore those. The DEB price last updated at 16.27 on Freetrade, don’t know when the last update was on those. Could have been before or after that :woman_shrugging: Debenhams hasn’t recorded right a few times for me


Ok. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that all in app values would update on market close.

(Emma) #8

I only know what it says in app :woman_shrugging: