Portfolio total is confusing


I know this will have come up, but I’m not sure where. It would be great if the mods could move and/or edit it, please.

I have deposited £100 for testing. I bought some shares on Monday and now I’m looking at the Portfolio screen and it shows £99.85 or so. Fine.

Then I placed a buy order for £17.

My Portfolio now shows a total of £116.85.

This makes no sense to me at all. I don’t have more than I did before I placed the order, but the headline total on the Portfolio screen makes it look like I do.

It feels weong now, and obfuscates the real value of my portfolio, but if I place multiple buy orders at different rates it’s going to get even further from the right value.

I would expect it to work like this (but I appreciate I’m a noob and might not get all the subtleties.)

Start with a new account:

Portfolio shows £0.
Deposit £100.
Portfolio shows £0.
Place a buy order for £17.
Portfolio shows £0.
Buy order succeeds and share is bought for £16.85.
Portfolio shows £16.85.
Wait a few days, share price falls (let’s be honest.)
Portfolio shows £16.52.
Place a buy order for £12 in another company.
Portfolio shows £16.52.
Buy order succeeds at £11.56.
Portfolio shows total of owned shares £28.08.


(Alex Sherwood) #2

Thanks for reporting this, it sounds like the bug that Tony’s just mentioned. We’ll look into this ASAP.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

We’ve just deployed the fix for this bug :zap: we’ll need to re-sync the balances of affected users but then we’re sorted.

(Tony) #4

My totals all make sense now. Thank you!


Same here. That’s much better. Cheers for the fix!