Incorrect portfolio value after purchase?

(James Drake) #1

As a test I bought 2 shares of SNAP a few weeks back, I chose them for various reasons. They had a huge uptick recently and those 2 shares worth £10 along with S&P500 1 share at 40 said my portfolio was at £104. I effectively doubled my input. Today before market open I wanted to put £50 into SNAP (for similar reasons as before). I did so successfully and my portfolio still says £104? Should it not be at least 154?

Since buying the extra 7 shares for £50 my portfolio is identical

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(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hi James, could you please send us a message via the in-app live chat so that we can look into that for you?

(Emma (#20 😎)) #3

None of those increased enough to have taken it from £50 to £104. £50 to £54 seems closer

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