New Investments Calculation Bug

I purchased some new shares today, and the app seemed to struggle to calculate the new Investments.

It should have showed roughly £1950 total, however it was saying £2150ish. Now it has corrected itself however the graph shows a big spike, which clearly wasn’t due to stock price movements.

See screenshot for a one day chart:

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Yep mine did this as well, is there any way this can be fixed?

I’m guessing you bought approx £200 worth of shares? Mine does this occasionally too. Seems to be that the assets get allocated, the reserved cash is not taken down immediately, thus a short window when you have both. Would have thought a DvP (delivery Vs payment) type mechanism in the app should stop this from happening/displaying, but at least you don’t have a short window where you have neither!

Agreed it looks fugly for the beautiful graph, get used to seeing that hump in all your timeline graphs.

I think you might be right.

Just realised I got my numbers wrong, I had ~£1450, and invested in ~£500 of shares. So the £1950 total is the correct number.

£100 of shares failed to buy, I guess that’s why it didn’t add all the cash and investments twice and show ~£2500

Any reason why you’ve gone for the Vanguard S&P 500 over the iShares - it’s 0.001% more expensive :joy::wink:


Is there much difference to be honest?

Mine did this too! Value of the stock purchase was added to portfolio before the money was taken… I’ve just ignored it for now

I have also had this happen at one point in my graph around 2 months back. It drops down about £1600 and then bounces right back up so my graph has an odd spike it in.


This is unfortunately a known issue with the display of portfolio data for some users. Occasionally when placing an order, there may be a delay between the movement of money and the movement of shares in your portfolio, this results in a temporary spike or dip in your portfolio graph. Sincere apologies, it isn’t up to standard and we’re working on improving it!

The first important point to note is that there was (and always is) a correct record of your portfolio in our backend systems. This is an (admittedly ugly :disappointed:) display issue when syncing the data for display in-app.

Our plan for resolving this issue is:

  • In the medium term, the new investment platform we’re building will eliminate these kind of sync issues entirely :muscle:
  • In the short term, we’re looking into ways we can stop this from occurring with the current platform :stop_sign:
  • Right now, if you get in touch with our customer ops team we can scrub out those annoying blips for you :raising_hand_woman:

Hope that helps and apologies again.


Awesome and clear response, thanks Tim :smiley:

I think everyone is SUPER excited for the new investment platform. Can’t wait to see it!

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