Indian Stock Exchange

Hello Everyone. I just need a bit of help with the Indian Stock market.

I am trying to tap into indian market but it is very difficult and confusing to trade stocks directly into their exchange. I know Indian stocks on US exchange, as ADRs, but there are only handful of them.

I have looked up on how to trade directly or through indian stock broker but it requires way to many steps.

Does anyone know anything about how I could trade at indian exchange or write up a quick guide that I can follow.


Check, Interactive Brokers (IBKR), they seem to be offering access to the NSE.


Did you consider the MSCI India ETF?

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I have tried interactive brokers but their system is very glitchy (the app) and I was unable to find indian stocks.

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Hi @Raza, I’m also interested in growing my Portfolio with Indian stocks and ETF’s.
Tell me please if you have any joy. :pray:t3:

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Are you sure you’re looking at Interactive Brokers?

I just checked a few companies there e.g. Reliance which is an Indian company is there.

Yes Aris. They have the charts and one of the major indian exchange of which you can buy shares but I believe it is for indian investors only.

It is very complicated with India. You have to get their pan card (Tax number) and sign up with the broker (Without one you can’t trade). Very long process.

This is why I am looking for someone who can guid me on how to start investing in Indian stocks with easy and understandable steps.

Check the Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust (FEET). Most of the holdings are Indian companies.

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