Insights Page (Portfolio Performance) not working

Anyone having any problems with the second tab in the app today? My Portfolio Performance sections says in red “Unable to Fetch Rate of Return”. Not that it would make very good reading at the moment, but I’m curious if this is site wide or if I need to get someone on the case from FTHQ

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Yep, error loading my portfolio performance page. Have dropped an email with a screenshot to the support team. For some reason you can’t just message them in in-app chat at the time, never seen that before.

I’ve had that as well. I’ve reported it in-app to make them aware.

Yes, I’ve been having issues as well, for the past week, actually. I thought it was a glitch that would reload itself after the weekend was over, but it didn’t work out.

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Hi everyone, someone from the freetrade support team told me that the most recent update might fix things.
I’ve downloaded the update this morning, and the insights page seems to be back. Not sure if others are seeing the same as me