Instagram launches in-app online shopping feature

I like this idea a lot, I don’t think it’ll be a game changer right now but I think it has a lot of potential.


Facebook +1.5% today! At least some positive sentiment in this ocean of constant negativity.

Now I am curious how significant will be the effect of instasales on FB’s revenue in the next (or, more likely, one after) earnings report :thinking:

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I think this will be significant… the revenue from transactions even at 1 or .5% could be huge!


A way for the Kardashian’s to get richer :roll_eyes:


LOL! You’re not wrong

This feature has actually been available for over a year, i don’t know why it’s just being announced. I use it for multiple businesses. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass to sync databases to external e-commerce but it works well enough.


Could it be possible that you was in the test group?

I’ve never seen it and i’m on instagram multiple times a day. Often they roll it out to users depending on location, tenure, usage and other factors like users with a business page/linked FB.

I too am confused about this article. I have seen it available for quite a while. A useful tool nonetheless

If you can and its not too much trouble - please send a screenshot - i’m so intrigued.

I don’t run a business account myself but here’s an example of what it looks like:

It’s essentially a normal Instagram post. They tag products available. Then you can purchase them by going through the process. As a business owner however I’m unsure how it’s set up.



So the difference is you can add products, but the user has to go to the website to purchase, so they deep link each product to the website product page.

This article is about keeping them in the application natively and being able to purchase without accessing the website.

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That example that I showed, the purchasing looks as though it’s all done within Instagram. No need to go external

I went onto the same one.

You have to click on go to website to purchase and the site opens in a browser window inside the app.

The feature in the article is there is no browser and external websie being loaded within the app. Its all handled natively in the app itself.

They probably did it this way to test adoption before rolling it out natively as its more costly but will be a better experience.

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They rolled this out on Facebook first, it all draws from that system. You have to sync your product database and then purchasing all happens natively until payment, then it redirects with a meta cart. Though this will depend on your setup.

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Wow!! That’s amazing. I am not able to view this feature on my mobile. Should i run a system update? Is this feature available on twitter guide for twitter videos downloader.

This will help drive facebooks growths and will do good for its stock price.

For a company that admitted they stored incorrect password attempts as plain text, they sure have a lot of trust.
I would never enter any payment information on any Facebook owned application or the built in web browser they use.