Instant Order pricing issue

Guys I am really struggling here , placing my instant orders but 99% of the time the price is nearly 15-20 % higher most of the times than what is shown on the app.

It defeats the purpose of the instant orders if the price can not be gauranteed .

I have not had issues with other firms I have used before (not mentioning names ) just feel swindled a bit

The price is not guaranteed and it’s also not live but can be 15 oe more min old, but it tells you this in app as well.
There are many many threads on this already if you use the search functionality.

But you’ll always get the best price available when making a trade.

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The price absolutely cannot be guaranteed with an instant order because pricing changes all the time. Even a slow network connection on your end will mean a real-time price (which FT doesn’t currently offer because of the cost to them) will be different to the execution price. Some stocks change prices every few seconds or more and it may take longer than that to execute the order. Thus, the price changes.

Instant orders are not meant to get you the best possible price. They satisfy the “I must have this NOW” feeling. A limit order means you won’t pay more than the price you set. And yes, this means Plus. That’s the reality of it all. Some providers don’t charge for limit orders and if you feel aggrieved/that this is unfair, you have the option to go elsewhere.

Illiquid stocks with wide bid / offer spreads?

Use another platform to check live market bids and offers when placing an order

Which share is this?

Almost all my trades yesterday moved significantly when I executed…

Ok think u answered my question of the Real Time availability not being offered by free trade … thanks :pray:

The purpose is to create an immediate order, what it isn’t for is to time the market.

If your making orders on stocks they are moving 20% in 15 minutes then you may need to think about how your doing this. That’s volatile to the extreme. But I assume this is a penny stock?

It’s not available anywhere. Probably the best option of them is having quotes given as that’s the only way to know what price you will get (except for limit orders to know the minimum price you’ll get)

I don’t that that is accurate have a trading account on eToro and my orders are executed always immediately at what price is displayed…

As mentioned above Freetrade doesn’t offer the real time price as it’s a cost issue to them to provide that service

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