Investor Rewards R6

@FREEUSER @Babyiamback That is very harsh :+1: I get they are not stunning but they are OK and certainly much better than the Honey range which are just good painting clothes :joy: My only criticism would be why waste money on them? Who in their right mind would wear a walking advert for a finance company in public? :thinking: Similar in how it makes me laugh when Americans wear politician promoting clothes :man_facepalming:

If the stuff is good I would 100% wear Freetrade branded stuff.

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Hoody arrived. Excellent quality. Thanks @sampoullain and team!!!

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The hoodies are great quality and quite stylish.

That’s fair enough and I respect others views:+1: I just personally don’t want to be like the chicken on the side of a road spinning an advert sign but not getting paid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to know,

I am a R6 investor but didn’t receive any emails from Freetrade. Is it ok?

It’s really not like that, it’s not a t-shirt that says ‘get freetrade’, its a jacket thing with three pink lines on it, most people won’t know what it is unless they know.

Oh come on it is 100% a publicity scheme and odd not to acknowledge it for what it is. It is a conversation starter to gain publicity same as every other brand that does it. If they really wanted to just give a reward they would give shares.

Merch is the best way to give (the item) and also take (the free publicity) a bit :+1: nothing wrong with that.

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Anyone know when the R6 badges are due to land now that the merch is being delivered?

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Tbh it’s publicity and a conversation starter.

I’d happily wear the hoody out and about for errands/grocery shopping.

I wear branded clothes of brands I don’t own and give them free publicity. So wearing a hoody of a company I own is publicity but each additional member boosts the value of my individual shares, so at least I’m rewarded for it unlike with my other clothes.