Investor Rewards R6

They said something in the AMA about a french company that they had ordered from who then let them down.

Hi folks

We’re very sorry about this delay in the rewards, and I’m acutely aware of how long it has been.

First of all, our usual ‘let’s get everyone in the office together to pack it up’ plan was put to rest due to Covid and the fact we are working at home.

Then, our supplier (who will now ship this direct to you) had a double-whammy of delays due to Brexit fees (they are in France) and Covid temporarily closing its UK depot.

The good news is, they are now able to produce these goods here in the UK and we are almost ready for these to be shipped to you. It will be a few weeks max.

We’ll also add rewards badges in-app and investor app icons at the same time.

Really sorry again.

Thank you again for your support!



Thanks Sam… the update is much appreciated.

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Hi Sam,

Any further updates?


@sampoullain Thank you :partying_face:


Any sneak peeks?