ISA Offer 18th April

The ISA offer of a minimum free share of £50 if you deposit £5,000 or more ends on April 18th. Do I need to sign up for this or do I automatically qualify if I do as stated. The link to sign up for the offer in the in app message doesn’t work for me.

Thanks very much :blush:

Sorted. Found the correct path in the end :ok_hand:t4:

Does anyone know when this ISA promotion started? I opened my ISA in February and am wondering if I can still take advantage of it!

Yes. I opened one in March, I’ve just emailed and awaiting a reply @FailedTuringTest

I think it was in the 3rd week of March as most users including my partner received the notification.

How did you get it as I also opened an isa but did not get the share?

Their web page says they’ll hand out the free share 30 days after the promotion ends today.