ISA setup help!

I am trying to upgrade to an Isa but there is no option to on my account?

If you click on the “person” icon in the top right and scroll down to “Account” do you not see it there?

No, I dont.

I’ve got the same problem here. Logged a help query a week ago but not heard back yet.

Hopefully soon as I want to gradually sell down and repurchase my portfolio into the S&S ISA before the financial year end.

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I am still to start my investment journey. Could you answer a question for me?
I am starting with 50 pounds. I want to invest in reits, and index funds and some other shares. I want to know say I buy tribex big box reit. It comes with ongoing fees, and so do the other index funds. If I buy them and I have money in my account, do they take the fees from my balance? what if I don’t have any funds will this then bill my bank account?

Any ongoing fees from stocks that you own are taken from the value of the fund by the provider and so it’s not something you will notice as it’s reflected in the price. They don’t take any fees from your ISA or balance

Can anyone see on their account the option to upgrade to an isa?

Are you looking in the right place? It’s not under ‘account’, instead you go to ‘portfolio’ and then click the little person icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This page gives the instructions:

No it’s not there, the only option is to upgrade to the plus account. They were both there one point.I have tried uninstalling it but it makes no difference.

What do you see?
The only other thing I can think of is if you have ever opened a S&S ISA with another broker in this tax year? Perhaps FT have automation to stop people opening 2 ISAs in the same year

Someone else had the same problem as you because they had previously had opened and then closed an ISA at Freetrade: Can I still open an ISA?

You might have to ask customer service for assistance via the in-app chat.


Yeah that must be it. I opened one and then closed one.

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I think it was the same for me. Presume it can get reopened if you haven’t setup any other S&S ISA’s in year?