ISA transfer with stocks not in FT universe

(James White) #1

I have an ISA with a number of different shares in it Most of which aren’t in the current FT universe of shares and about 1/3 are US shares.

can i transfer the whole lot over the FT?

Thank you

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I’m afraid we don’t offer ISA (or GIA) transfers at all at the moment.

I can think of a couple of reasons why stocks that aren’t in Freetrade’s universe & US stocks could cause complications but they may be solved by the time we offer transfers so we can worry about those then :sweat_smile:

We’ll share any news about portfolio transfers here :point_down: & in the blog.

(James White) #3

Great thanks guys, look forward to the update

(James White) #4

Oh and when you do look at ISA transfers, please start with HSBC :wink: I’m happy to be a test case!