ISA transfers are here 🚚

Can I transfer my existing stocks, or do I have to sell them and transfer cash?

If the stocks in your existing ISA are in our universe, you can transfer them without selling. If not, you’ll need to sell them for cash. Then that cash can move over too in the same transfer.


Yes, we really need transfers of ISAs out of Freetrade, too. It’s the thing really stopping me putting more money into Freetrade, because I want to know I can move my shares out if I want to in the future.

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Like SIPP transfer, please could you make In-app ISA transfer available. :pray:

Apologies for the basic question. If someone could offer the benefits of their experience that would be ace :slightly_smiling_face:

So, I got my act together and started to get a handle on my finances this year (within this tax year). I vaguely knew S&S ISA was a way to go and set one up with Santander since I bank with them, transferring some money in from my current account and setting up a direct debit for incremental investing.

Then, after more reading I also decided to dabble in Freetrade with a GIA.

Once I saw the fees for trading on other services, and began felt restricted by Santander’s managed funds being the only options there, I decided that next year I would move to FreeTrade for their ISA.

But is it right that I can move my new-ish ISA to FT this year? I have only the one ISA, opened and contributed to this tax year, with a different provider. If I transfer to Freetrade does it count as the same ISA or a new one (since it’s now with a new provider and will be invested differently)? Can I contribute to it again after the transfer during this tax year, or would it just sit there as the value of the transfer, and not be able to be added to?

I hope this makes sense. English is my first language, but you wouldn’t believe it…

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I don’t believe you should have any problem transferring your ISA and the allowance should transfer with it.

I’m currently in the process of transferring mine over at the moment.

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Yes you can move your ISA as much as you like you just can’t pay into more than 1 in a tax year.

Yes you can still pay into up April 2022 and the £20k cap.

I would have had no idea. English is my only language and sometime I make less sense!

When you transfer you’ll have to sell the Santander funds down to cash if they’re not available on FT. Then transfer the cash and then buy new fund / stocks in you’re new FT ISA.

Great question and I’m sure I’ll help future people when they search for advice.

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This is the part that confused me. I wasn’t sure if it counted as ISA #2 for the year once transferred.


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You mean the government make rules and they end up confusing, never!!

It’s not a new ISA you’re just choosing a new provider.

Quite a big free share offer on at the moment for ISA transfers as well as top ups!


Slightly confused here if anyone could help!

I’ve got an ISA with a provider that I have a direct debit going into which I’d like to keep. However I also have another ISA (from a previous tax year) with another ISA provider that I’d like to transfer to Freetrade.

Can I transfer this second ISA to Freetrade and start investing now or would this count as contributing to two ISA in one tax year (not allowed)?

If you’ve contributed any money into the ISA with the direct debit since April 2021 then unless you transfer this into Freetrade as well you can’t add any further funds into your FT ISA until April 2022 ( if you stop contributing to the other one at that point ).

Ok thanks - so although I can’t add further funds into my FT ISA until April 2022, I would be able to transfer my ISA from a previous tax year and start investing those funds immediately?

@ASF Yes you can immediately transfer previous subscriptions. No problem.

You can also transfer this years subscription midway but you need to ping Freetrade via the app and they can help with you that. The proviso is that you need to transfer all of it.


Note the line:

If you want to transfer money you’ve invested in an ISA during the current year, you must transfer all of it.

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