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“Online teleclinics such as Algea Care in particular have treated around 100,000 patients in the first two weeks since the reclassification…"


Kanabo financial report. Solid cash position, reduction in debt and that all comes with expanding treatit, taking on more products and strengthening the board room. 2024 objectives:

  1. Developing a streamlined triage process through a smart IT solution, enhancing our digital health platform;

  2. Expanding our in-pharmacy clinic franchise, increasing accessibility and reach;

  3. Launching and expanding our VapePod MD medical inhaler distribution in Germany; and

  4. Launching a SaaS solution for the Treat It platform, broadening our service capabilities and market reach.

Kanabo Group PLC - Annual Financial Report #KNB @KanaboGroup https://www.voxmarkets.co.uk/rns/announcement/8552ef4e-9f35-4f0f-b78b-24f7966ba683 #voxmarkets


Continuing to make progress on CE certification, according to the chairman’s statement. I would love to know how they measure progress on this :roll_eyes: considering how important it is to the companies progress with the Germany market booming.

EU Product Expansion: As we await CE mark approval for our VapePod MD medicinal inhaler device, we have already taken key steps towards extending our distribution network beyond the UK, targeting broader European expansion. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor to distribute the Kanabo medicinal device in Germany. Additionally, we are in the process of finalising definitive distribution agreements.

I’m guessing the wholesaler is Simply Green.



DEA Agrees To Reschedule Marijuana Under Federal Law In Historic Move Following Biden-Directed Health Agency’s Recommendation.


Aurora up 20%
Canopy up 30%
Trulieve 20%
Even Flora is up 20%

The above all US and Canada

As KNB is on AIM it is just as likely to drop 40% on tomorrow’s opening. Embarrasingly we may need the NASDAQ to save the square mile.


Such a solid company and Rns. Hopefully see an increase in trade today on the back of everything yday


Would be nice wouldnt it. The LSE seems to be going through a deliquidifying (prob not a word) event, since 2021. I heard another CEO on the LSE speak about their price drop over the last two years as a necessary action taken by institutional/large investors who have been responding to the macro/geopolitical climate. Of course, what is true for one is not necessarily true for another company.

Interesting to see the journos working in cannabis industry starting to get quite optimistic about Germany.

Will be interested to see what happens on the NASDAQ cannabis companies when the US wakes up today

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Kanabo currently awaiting CE approval :joy:


UK medical research overview


Opponents of cannabis reform in Germany making a hash of things as usual.

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Hey folks! Question about how to buy shares of KNB. I have a limit order open for a few days at 1.68p, I can see in the London Stock Exchange that the price has gone below that level a few times, but the order didn’t trigger. Most of the orders were off-book, so this would explain why they didn’t trigger (my understanding is that off-book transactions happen outside of the exchange). And I can only see that every few days there might be a UT transaction. I reckon this is due to the low liquidity.

So the question is: how did you buy your shares? Was it through freetrade or through another broker?

Hello sir, look at the buy price on the shares. They are currently around 1.90 unless you buy in big volume. Current sell price is similar to the buy limit you have set. Has been quite a disparity between buy an sell on kanaboo for a while

You might get your price today.

Not surprising unfortunately, it takes around between $1bn-$5bn to get a novel drug to the market. MGC who have a steady revenue dropped out of the LSE. Definjtely testing times for early stage medical cannabis companies and the LSE in general


We need that CE mark so KNB can get a good revenue stream going.
In the full year report the word imminently is used when talking about the expectation of when it might be granted.
If it doesn’t materialise soon we could end up with more dilution.
Hopefully Ian Mattioli will show his worth as a financial wizard if that happens.