Label the X axis of the graph in "all"

So we don’t have to look up the time-span it’s describing

Totally agree on this one. The fact the graph has no context of time when “all” is selected makes it an almost useless selection. In addition though, I also think this is the case for all the time selections, day, week month etc. Taking the one month selection graph, you still have to eyeball and guess when that was - was that dip 3 weeks ago and therefore related to news article X or was it 2 weeks ago related to something else?

I think all of the graphs should have context to them - the 1 day in hours, the 1 week in days, the 1 month weeks etc. I think the HL app actually does a better job of this than Freetrade at the moment.

I think this would not only be a fairly small and straightforward request for Freetrade to implement (its not like creating an entire new web interface in terms of “T shirt sizing”) , but also add a lot more value to their in app graph.