Limit orders cancelled

I had two $GME limit orders set up and confirmed set on Monday, at $600 and $800 per share for approx $25k per order. I received two push notifications today approximately 30mins before NYSE open telling me they’d been cancelled, with no explanation as to why, and they’ve disappeared and I’ve a couple of entries in my activity feed telling me they’ve been rejected.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why? My two triggered sells are still showing as active.

Did you ever get an answer to this? I woke up this morning to find two of my recently placed limit orders (Mastercard and Marvell) cancelled for no apparent reason.

No, not a peep. Unfortunately pretty standard for Freetrade CS these days.

I find that if I raise a ticket they respond. The forum less so as I guess it’s difficult to manage.

Will keep an eye on this happening.

:+1:Yeah I have found they reply very quickly on the app but funnily enough an open public forum isn’t the best way to get hold of them :joy:

Would be good to know the answer to this though.

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Well it’s interesting, the same two orders have been cancelled again so I will raise a ticket. At least the app tells me this has happened and it’s not failing silently.

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As a subscriber of Plus, I’d be interested to see what CS say about this.

However, it’s worth noting that the limit orders can be cancelled by the exchanges themselves, so it might not be Freetrade doing it, although it is reasonable to assume that Freetrade also have checks in place to ensure that limit orders aren’t being placed incorrectly.

There’s nothing useful on Freetrades help sections which explains this and AFAICT the exchanges themselves also don’t detail the criteria that will trigger the automatic cancellation of a limit order, but New Zealand’s Hatch have some information around it here.

That being said, in the event that a limit order is cancelled, the app really should indicate why…

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I had a quick response from support. (Unlike my slow response here!).

They advised that, “It doesn’t look like those were able to be placed due to a connection issue”. They asked me to place the orders again and they have stuck fine. It’s worth noting this happened while the market was closed, so I didn’t miss any opportunity.

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