Limit Sell 200%+

Why is this capped at 200%? Please remove and add by date, good for day or till cancelled, please.

I’m intrigued …which stock are you expecting 200%+ on? :grin:

It does happen, I’ve just sold part of a position that’s +409%

Although I can’t honestly say I was expecting that to happen :rofl:

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This came up the other day. Was the market closed at the time?

Is this because you can’t set a GME sell order for 1000 :rofl:

Honestly, yes. Why is there a cap on it and can it be removed?

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Yeh try during market hours it seems. Maybe they updated the message.

You’re a braver man than me :joy:

Good luck!

I tried during market hours too :sob:

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I’ve also tried in and and out of market hours and it’s the same.

Plenty of penny stocks on Freetrade and many have wild swings it’s not just GME, look at PNPL. We need to be able to set a much higher limit please.



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Also, being able to set a limit buy outside of hours more than 6% from the last close.

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Adding my +1. At the very least is like to understand why the limit exists at all.

Does anyone know why it’s a thing?

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The only logical reason would be to prevent individuals from expecting those levels of gains. I would think a disclaimer would better serve this rather than a technical limit.