Lockdown 2022 Party

So who thinks the markets about to take a crash with the news about covid rising fast and some airports have shut flights etc already?

Buy on the dip like last time and double your profits? Hummmmmmmmm

Not many, otherwise it would have crashed already.
Which airport is shut because of covid? Oo

Everyone knew that cases rise in winter.

Yeah there’s no airports that have closed. Not in the UK anyway. Manchester closed yesterday for a suspicious package but no airports have closed, or ever did fully close, due to covid.

That said, if we were to lockdown, which the Government today ruled out, then yes the market would possibly dip again.

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Neither the FTSE, nor the Vanguard all world, nor the S&P 500, nor the Nasdaq, nor any other benchmark of note, experienced any problems going into winter 2020. Yes, market levels are higher now so the risk of a less positive reaction to another lockdown is there. Yes, I think there’s a possibility of a contraction at some point within the next 9 months, but even the “worst” case scenario (best case from the perspective of someone selling everything in the hope of buying lower later) will not compare with March 2020.

And inflation, particularly in the UK, should mask this further (a hypothetical 8% drop with 2% inflation is in real terms akin to a 2% drop with 8% inflation).