MEGATHREAD: Freetrade Plus :plus_:

Honestly, there are plenty of threads on whether it can be justified/if it’s suitable for small investors. Search the forum and find them. Ultimately, it’s your decision and no one else can make it for you. The one thing I would say is that you can subscribe to Plus for a month, cancel and then resubscribe three months later. Limit orders are valid for up to 90 days, so there’s that option.

Plus won’t change this. Read up on what features Plus actually gives you.

If you also have £4000 spare cash for an emergency fund that you could leave in the account, then you can effectively get your ISA for free instead of £3 per month due to the 3% interest it pays on up to £4000. Otherwise, Plus probably won’t be worth it for you unless you actually need the extra features it provides.

So what makes a freetrade plus stock?? What’s the difference ? Have freetrade had a tip off that it might take off? Is that why it costs so much to have a plus account each month? I’ve noticed alot of plus stocks shoot up thousands of percentages

Freetrade have always been clear about which stocks are on Plus and which aren’t.


What stocks have gone up 1000+%? What’s the tip off?

Nobody told me that paying £9.99 a month is a shortcut to get rich.


I see, so its just small cap … Why is the small cap investments worth a higher premium to trade?

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Freetrade have to make money somehow. They’ve kept large caps open to everyone as these are typically safer investments.

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For the casual investor the FTSE350 & S&P500 along with a range of ETF’s are fine.

For the rest there is a small fee, remember that many other platforms charge over this per trade (in and out). The platform has been build with long term wealth creation in mind, it’s not designed to yolo a meme stock which is often the case with these small cap penny stocks.


Thanks for the info!


I have a plus membership for stocks that aren’t available on the free membership. If I were to cancel my subscription for plus what would happen to my positions in those stocks?


Any ideas on when we might have some new Plus Stocks? A lot of the new releases seem to have been free stocks recently?