MEGATHREAD: What stocks should we add next week? πŸ“²πŸ’₯

[VHVG] Vanguard FTSE Developed World ACCUMULATING - The accumulation version of VEVE

[VFEG] Vanguard FTSE Emerging Market ACCUMULATING - The accumulation version of VFEM

These will be useful for holding outside ISA


Is today the day :eyes: ?

NNOX - Nano-X Imaging Ltd. engages in developing and producing X-ray source technology for the medical imaging industry in the United States. It develops novel digital X-ray source, a microelectromechanical system-based semiconductor cathode that achieves electron emission by a non-thermionic low-voltage trigger to nano-scale molybdenum cones.

It’s been two weeks, any update coming this week?


Kensington Capital Aquisition (KCAC)
This is a really interesting SPAC bringing QuantumScape to the market.




When do you plan to add more SPACs such as Pivotal Investment Corporation II (PIC), Churchill Capital III Corporation (CCXX) etc. Need to get invested in them early but they aren’t on freetrade yet…

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A few from the Dax:
Bayerische Motoren Werke


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Gunsynd (L:GUN)
15 miles west of the Haviron site that Greatland Gold (GGP) have scored well on you have a site being mined by Rincon which is part Owned (28%) by Gunsynd PLC (GUN) they would be a great opportunity to trade on. They could potentially go in the same direction as GGP, maybe not at the same level but there is a good opportunity at this site.

Here are some of the old Newcrest drilling results on Rincon’s ground:

Gold intercepts:
o 57.80m @ 2.05g/t Au from 17.40m
o 16.10m @ 4.75g/t Au from 42.70m;
o 68.00m @ 1.33g/t Au from 1.00m;
o 36.00m @ 1.66g/t Au from 2.00m;
o 33.20m @ 1.46g/t Au from 25.00m;
o 23.00m @ 2.06g/t Au from 23.00m;
o 5.00m @ 3.73g/t Au from 50.00m.
Copper intercepts:
o 20.60m @ 1.23% Cu from 87.60m;
o 10.90m @ 3.39% Cu from 91.80m;
o 4.00m @ 4.84% Cu from 49.00m.


Can you add NYSE:IPHI please?

Inphi Corporation is a leading provider of high-speed semiconductor components for moving data around the world

Yes, we’re actively adding all SPACs. There will be more this week.


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European Growth arrives this week as part of Plus.

Regarding the China one, can you share a ticker or ISIN?

Hi @Viktor could Ixico be added please (IXI)

Hi Victor, Baillie Gifford China Growth is the old Witan Pacific IT which was taken over by Baillie Gifford this week. Think they are in the process of changing the ticker to BGCG I think

PrimaryBid has a share offering by Home REIT in case that’s of interest @Redacer

Hi @Viktor

Amur Minerals


Right! It should be on your app tomorrow. :+1: