Missing trades in Activity


I had a sell order go through at 4pm today, but it’s not appearing in my recent Activity screen. I can see the buy for the stocks a few days ago, and the cancelled sell I had for it, but not the sell I did today.

I’m on Android v 1.0.4628

Whenever I had that issue, I just messaged support on the app and they resync it :slight_smile:

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Welcome :wave:

That sounds strange, could you please drop us a message in the in-app chat so that we can look into that for you?

Nice cool thanks Alex, and Simas. That worked, but it doesn’t seem to be ideal. Especially if Simas is suggesting it happens regularly?

It’s definitely not ideal but -

I wouldn’t say it’s a regular thing, happened maybe two or three times throughout my whole time using free trade

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