Monthly Quarterly Dividend Income Strategy

Hello All

I’m curious what people think of my general strategy in terms of investments.
I do need to point out that I have multiple Stockbroking Accounts, which are .
Bank of Scotland, X-O, De Giro, Freetrade and also PSG - a South African broker.
I also have an account with a Hong Kong Broker, but that has not been used or funded yet!

I am trying to build up a portfolio of shares that will each pay me at least £25 in dividends each quarter, and ultimately diversify it so that I have an equal income each month… For me consistency & reliability of dividend is of prime importance at this stage, however I do have a mad portion of my holdings

Of my just over 180 unique company shareholdings (excluding Freetrade purchases), only Barclays exceed 4% of the overall portfolio. At present ALL my dividends earned are ploughed back to purchase more shares.

I do understand that not all my purchases will make sense to others as they do include companies/industries that I am interested in, have worked for, or have some other connection or knowledge of. Examples - Man U, Japan Airlines & Aston Martin just because I’m interested…

I have recently started buying funds/Tracker Funds, as i see that as a way to buy shares that I am not at all familiar with, in regions I’m not familiar with. But that’s just something new.

Basically I want to know what your thoughts are on a strategy of limiting myself to a set GBP dividend level per share.

I might be missing the point but what exactly are you asking?

Sounds like you have a good spread in terms of geography and industry
I hope it all works out

Interesting, which one is this?

Boom Securities - I opened this at the same time as I discovered De Giro, and just have never got around to actually using it.