More U.K. Fastest Growing

This platform is very restrictive in what it offers.
It should offer all UKs fastest growing companies for 6 months rolling, reviewed every month. How else are we meant to make money.
This should be provided on the basic fee based platform user.

No offense, but how is FT supposed to make money with your suggestion? The low-cap stocks are available only in plus because subscriptions are the only way for FT to make money on UK stocks.


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I’ve moved your post as it doesn’t meet the requirements of a stock request post. Though the forum may not tell you prior to posting, stock requests need to be for a single stock. Multiple stocks in one post - or a general “Freetrade should have X” aren’t helpful and bypass the voting system. :freetrade: staff are aware that we’d all like to see more stocks. The voting system helps them gauge demand and a general “why isn’t X here” or complaints don’t fit the category.


So basically FT should provide, for free, services for you to make money but not them :man_facepalming: :joy:


How much would you be willing to pay for a service like this?


You do realise that they make money when you buy and sell shares, right? It may be called Freetrade but nothing in life is free. I already pay a platform charge. Whilst they do not charge a fee per trade they can make money on spreads and they do bulk all the basic trades together at 15:00.

No. Payment for order flow (spread) is illegal in the UK. Freetrade does not make money on trades except on US stocks via currency conversion.

Also bulk orders don’t exist anymore since all trades are free now.


In addition to @SebReitz 's comment (which is 100% fact). FT do not make money by inflating spreads


The reason I asked is you’re asking for a specific non zero cost service. You want them to offer you a rolling list of specific companies that meet a criteria and that are regularly updated every month. That costs money. Hence asking how much you’d consider paying for such a service?