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Hi, I have a Motley Fool subscription and was wondering if you could add stock they recommend every 2 weeks.

I can not really find any of these companies at Freetrade but I would really like to buy them on Freetrade on my ISA account.

Is there a plan to expand US stock to include many more and hopefully motley fool picks?



What are some examples that you would like added

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Am not OP, but I was reading this the other day which is relevant:

Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT)

They’re not yet available in Freetrade (though in this case, the other stock, Savills (LSE: SVS), is)

Believe me, it’s not relevant. I haven’t seen Fool subscription stocks, but the ones on their free articles are like they pick names out of a hat. Many times I’ve seen their articles cite a yield and dividend cover and call it “research”. A basic stock screen.

Further, the different writers can give you market whip lash! I’m pretty sure one of their writers recommended a stock last month only to have another writer disavow it the next day. Which is probably because at the bottom of their free articles their is a disclaimer stating that the writers don’t represent Fool’s views.


Thanks for that. I’m not sure if “I’ll happily disavow my previous reply” would be quite the right way of putting it, but I’ll certainly be adding a much large pinch of salt to anything I read from the Fool.

This is on top of the large pinch I already add because they’ve been going for how-many-years-now but their list of “We hit it gold!” stocks they given when trying to entice you to subscribe is awfully short. Makes you question just how many misses they’ve had over the years, so.

tl;dr, appreciate the caution.

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Their latest picks. Of course some of them are down since they recommended it but majority is up.

I do not believe that there is stock advisor or anyone in the world who can get just good recommendations.

I’d recommend comparing those with a benchmark. For example if you’re thinking about following their recommendations for tech stocks then you could compare the return that you’d have got if you’d bought those stocks with the performance of the Nasdaq over the same time period.

That’ll help you see whether they’re picking exceptional stocks or if their picks are just performing as well as the market in general or perhaps slightly worse, even though the stock prices have increased.

There’s more to benchmarking than that, here’s Investopedia’s (slightly jargon full) guide -


True that you should take their recommendations with a pinch of salt, and some of the writers will be better than others. but there’s nothing wrong with the OP’s suggestion of adding them to the universe

Also you can read their articles without a subscription if you refresh the page and spam the escape key to stop client side scripts running as soon as the text appears, you didn’t hear that from me :smiley:

Is there subscription worthwhile? Have people had good or bad experiences?

They seem to think the BT share price will drop to £1!

Personally think that is unlikely - do they give much reason behind their though process?

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Hi Alex,

They have a comparison with S&P 500.


How long is the period they’re using to compare them over?

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Since they recommend it in stock advisor subscription.

UK motley fool does not have as good performance as US one.

US one has better performance and that is the one I use. It also is cheaper.

Most of their outperformance derives from Amazon, Netflix and Domino’s. You could perhaps rely on their past performance but there is no guarantee that their new picks will continue outperforming the market.

I would say there is no guarantee anywhere with anything is it?

I was just pointing out that it would be nice to have their stock on freetrade as it works well for me at the moment but I need to use different platform for buying it.

In ideal world I would like to buy everything on freetrade.

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Oh, my apologies, for some reason I had an impression you wanted Motley Fool’s stock picks on Freetrade rather than the actual companies :sweat_smile:

It may help if you ask for missing stocks in the #stock-requests category, one thread per stock (e.g. Amazon - AMZN). That way it will be clearer for Freetrade which particular stocks are more popular and may prove to have more demand among other users too :slight_smile:

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