MSCI World (IWDG) - 1 Stock Portfolio


What would everyone have if they could only have 1 stock in their portfolio ? Topping it up weekly or monthly.
In my opinion you couldn’t go wrong with MSCI World.
I’m thinking of a 3 stock ISA.


Depends on what kind of risk you are willing to live with.

You could go very wrong with Robo Global (ROBG), but that would be my high risk pick.

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

Amazon for me, no other alternative :smiley:


MSCI World excludes emerging markets, which you might consider a pretty big deal, since various metrics predict China having the highest growth in the coming decade.

A safer pick for a single stock would be VWRL, Vangard’s All-World index tracker, which includes EM.


I did not realise this Sendu. I assumed Emerging Markets were there. Never assume :blush:
MSCI China will definitely be alongside it in that case.


The other significant country missed by MSCI world is Korea (ever heard of Samsung?), so rather than just topping up with China, why not MSCI EM (I haven’t checked what Freetrade offer)?

Other than country categorisation and minor weighting variation, there isn’t much between MSCI and FTSE indexes.

VWRL is a lot easier to deal with since you don’t have to worry about picking an appropriate weight for a separate China or EM stock in your portfolio.